To succeed in today’s environment, businesses face increased complexity; they need to drive operational excellence through collaboration across various enterprise functions, develop high quality leadership and talent, and gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic market conditions. Challenges are many and opportunities are very many! We, at Neozen Consulting,  partner with our clients and help them undertake objective analysis of their businesses to build better business perspective, architecture, infrastructure, and resource base in order to ensure smarter execution of action programs,  for achieving superior enterprise performance. Neozen Consulting offers services to enterprises facing business issues / challenges in the following critical areas.


Enterprise Performance

Enterprises have vision, mission, goals and strategies, explicitly stated or implicitly acted on. Successful realization of vision and goals transform these enterprises for better. The key lies in successful execution of well-planned strategies. Do all these enterprises have a built in capability for executing various business strategies? Do they have Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system implemented? A recent global survey indicates that the following are the compelling barriers to strategy execution, in the organizations:

  • Vision Barrier – Only 5% of the workforce understands the strategy.
  • People Barrier – Only 25% of managers have incentives linked to strategy.
  • Management Barrier – 85% of executive teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy.
  • Resource Barrier - 60% organizations do not link budgets to strategy.

Neozen helps enterprises in addressing the above areas by assessing their execution capabilities very objectively and bringing in necessary awareness and change management before deploying EPM solution.

Enterprise Performance Management


Enterprise Services & Optimization

Enterprise Services & Optimization has been proved to be a comprehensive solution consolidating all the disciplines of the organizations, by way of a process centered approach, bringing in both performance and optimization for an organization. Apart from productivity gains and cost minimization, Enterprise Services & Optimization  has also the power to innovate and continuously transform businesses through entire cross-organizational value chains. Neozen helps enterprises to design and deploy business performance optimization engines for superior operations and control, using latest Enterprise Services & Optimization Tools & Technologies.

For any successfully growing organization, it is essential that an integrated solution of Enterprise Services & Optimization is deployed to bring in sustainability in superior corporate performance at enterprise level, effectively. We, at Neozen Consulting, adopt a unique approach for strategic deployment of enterprise Services & optimization solutions for our clients, effectively.

Enterprise Services & Optimization


Program Management

Program/Portfolio management services to our clients to successfully implement their projects without compromising on their business commitments but with total control of the project throughout its implementation stage. Neozen Consulting has a team of certified and experienced program/portfolio management consultants who could form a part of the client project management team and take accountability for the following activities on behalf of the client to ensure successful completion of the project: (a) Planning, (b) Assessment of Performance Improvement, (c) Finances, (d) Infrastructure, (e) Configuration Management (f) Risk Analysis & Risk Management, and (g) Change Management & Control.

Enterprise Capability Assessment is one of the key program management activities that Neozen undertakes before it deploys major Enterprise Solutions. Depending the enterprise requirements, Neozen undertakes process audit, process gap analysis, resource gap analysis, change management, and alignment of IT to business to strategies among others.

High-end ERP performance optimization is being seriously considered by many companies that had already implemented ERP. According to a recent survey, the number of organizations with ERP systems is increasing and more organizations are investing in ERP systems than in any other technology. The percentage of companies making ERP investments varies by size, with 40 percent of midsize companies making ERP investment and 43 percent of large companies investing. At the same time, it is also evident that for nearly 70% of the companies that have installed an ERP system, failed neither to achieve any significant return on investment nor to optimize the benefits and promises associated with successful ERP. The companies fail to realize the full-potential of an ERP implementation due to various reasons such as (a) automating inefficient existing processes and not the industry best practice, (b) lack of management commitment to ERP, (c) more focus on technology than business perspective, (d) lack of training and hand-holding with end users. Neozen Consulting has a rich experience and proven track record in helping our clients to realize the value benefits in tangible manner from the investments made for their ERP implementations. Our specialization in ERP includes SAP, Oracle eBiz Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics. Program/Portfolio Management is another area many organizations face day-to-day challenges. Implementation of any large IT project is a joint responsibility of both the vendor and the client, as well. It is a known fact that the client’s resources have their day to-day organizational commitments and deliverables to make the business run in a continuous manner. Due to lack of commitment in terms of project management experience, time and involvement by the teams at the client organization, projects tend to fail or exceed in terms of budget and delivery timelines, beyond control.

Enterprise Capability Assessment
High End ERP Value Optimization