Neozen’s approach to program management is based on two major areas of focus – Value Management and Project Management. The optimum utilization of resources, cost containment, faster deliverables, high quality deliveries and continuous improvements are the key focal points while managing several IT projects with varying degrees of complexities. It is a highly specialized service delivery activity performed by experienced professionals with high degree of management capabilities and task orientation. With all the best skills, processes, technologies and facilities on hand, if the program management is not top-class, then the projects are bound to fail one after another, resulting in high value erosion.

The key deliverables of Neozen’s Program / Project Management services are as follows :

  • Define the Project Portfolio strategy for the Develop & Implement projects and lead the design and implementation of a common project management methodology, standards and tools to drive and facilitate the successful delivery of client projects.
  • Lead the execution of a PMO governance, reporting and review framework to provide a holistic view of all Implementation Services project activity.
  • Manage interdependencies and coordination across projects to ensure that information relating to project deliverables, risks and issues are effectively communicated between stakeholders and that key performance indicators are monitored and evaluated.
  • Manage large complex IT projects across a global portfolio, including managing multi-locations, vendors, partners, technologies and teams, ensuring quality deliverables, effective communication and project risk management.
  • Develop RFPs/RFQs/e-auctions, vendor research, methodologies for assessing vendors, negotiations, development of reporting requirements, and testing phases.
  • Lead and manage overall TBM & SAFe processes including Program Roadmaps, Demand Intake, Prioritization, and Capacity Management with a more strategic lens in conjunction with client’s product and technology partners.
  • Transition Management of M&As.
  • Manage the Program costs and make recommendations to Executive Management and Business Owners on how to reprioritize / optimize the Portfolio Backlog of work efforts and technology assets.
  • Data enabled Proactive Risk assessment and mitigation planning.
  • Manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and financial forecasts regularly, within and across all Programs to drive overall delivery goals with due value addition.
  • Measure and highlight critical KPIs and key leading indicators to demonstrate the value of the IT investments across all Programs.
  • Work with Business Owners to align and prioritize the Program Roadmap (compilation of the Business, Product, and Technology roadmaps) and develop solutions to support future business opportunities by assisting in the development of business cases.
  • Exposure to different business models and delivery models.
  • Manage complex programs across multiple geographical regions and different cultures.

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