It has been observed in practice that majority of ERP implementations have failed to achieve intended benefits, return on investment, and promises associated with successful ERP including application integration. The most often quoted reason for such failure is that organizations treat ERP implementation as a technology initiative but not as a business mandate as result which it ends up automating inefficient existing business processes.

Of all those ERP implementations that are declared ‘successful’, very few of them have registered a good return on investment. Majority of these ERP implementations are not optimized and hence realize little or no return on investment.

Neozen’s ERP optimization service addresses business critical issues such as customer satisfaction, increased business growth, improved service delivery cycle time, decrease in operational expenses, reduced inventory, faster order-to-delivery cycle time, better time-to-market, good decision support information system with metrics and analytics and much more. It requires complete revamping of key critical business processes that deliver high impact in terms value realization.