A made- to-stock and made-to- order manufacturing company in India.  Deployed SAP R/3 ERP System in its plants.  Client made a high investment in the implementation and was not satisfied with the project implementation and its deliverables;

Need For Assessment
  • Assess the Impact of Implementation of SAP and benefits realization;
  • Review of  Application Controls built into the modules (FICO, MM, SD, PP and PM) of SAP to avoid any business risks and process coverage lapses;
  • Ascertain the effective utilization of all the module features and functions;
  • Verify and improve the security of the SAP system;
  • Ensure the Accuracy and Reliability of MIS Reports generated from the SAP Modules;
  • Weak Costing & CO integration
  • Detailed and acceptable version of MIS reports for business process owners;
  • Extent of relevance & usage of the external code ;
  • Shifting of reports into metrics that matter;
  • Measure the value in terms of tangibles by bringing in necessary performance metrics;
  • Review users  confidence and re-training needs;
  • Increase overall operational efficiency that leads to positive business impact, etc.
What we have done:
  • Conducted out Business Process Analysis to identify errors/problems like customizing errors, process design gaps, missing end-user training.
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of Application Controls built into the modules of SAP System.
  • Reviewed the overall system performance to increase efficiency of resource usage by optimizing the database.
  • Reviewed the Segregation of Duties in SAP User IDs and access controls built in to the same.
  • Completeness, Accuracy and Data Integrity in Master tables were analyzed for any data errors resulting in inaccurate MIS Reports.
  • Build KPIs in Business critical areas and introduced a performance measuring system.
Customer Benefits
  • Optimized response times and throughput,
  • Increased productivity along with higher acceptance by end-users,
  • Optimal use of hardware resources,
  • Reduced risk of costly system downtime,
  • Increased productivity along with higher acceptance by end-users,
  • Decrease the risk of a system intrusion,
  • Ensure the confidentiality of business data,
  • Ensure the authenticity of users,
  • Increase transparency on custom objects in terms of clearing potential, and
  • Overall management & user confidence on SAP usage.