The customer is a fast growing Medium Enterprise company with manufacturing facilities in India. Before investing into a high end ERP, Neozen was asked to review, assess the effectiveness and streamline the existing business processes, in the following manner: Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Perform, Right Manufacturing, Product Life Cycle, and Financial Management.

  • No standard or at least modeled process times for an entire quote/buy/fulfillment cycle, for any one point in the cycle to another, or within any single process activity.
  • No standard process maps or information flows upon which to build a management metrics database.
  • No performance metrics or measurements of any of the process steps or for any of the many people responsible for effecting their execution.
Solution Delivered

Having reviewed the process and identified the above problems, Neozen Consulting was asked to re-engineer and manage the process as the change was implemented.

To do this we:
- Established process rules with ownership/sign-off
- Established and managed a timing & resource plan with key milestones
- Improved communication and circulated consistent data
- Measured and reported performance

Customer Benefit

The result was a very efficient and cost effective process with improved manufacturing efficiency, operational productivity and communication among various groups operating at the client enterprise level.