Just like in war, the enterprises either perform or perish in business. They need to perform consistently all the times in all business scenarios. To do so, enterprises need to ensure continuous improvement in quality of services and products they deliver and reduction in their costs. So it is imperative that they need to control shortages, wastages, blockages, breakages/damages while delivering their products and services to their customers. While doing so, they also make wise investment decisions in product / service innovation as well as new market creation when the competition for market share intensifies in existing product-market scenarios. In short, every business requires enterprise-wide optimization covering procurement, production, sales, logistics, warehousing, promotion, research initiatives etc,. Most of these optimization solutions, supported by scientific methods and analytics, are prescriptive in nature aimed at achieving specific business goals by solving specific business problems within the boundaries of operational constraints in existing or emerging business scenarios.

Neozen has entered into strategic alliance with River Logic for offering enterprise-wide optimization solutions as logical extension to its current service offerings covering business process optimization and high-end ERP optimization. The alliance adds enormous business values to our customers by way of implementing a very comprehensive enterprise optimization solution which is wider and deeper in scope.