Neozen has designed a patent-class internal business capability framework, ENT444 Framework, for assessing the capability of an enterprise. The assessment framework is built on 3 dimensions – namely, (1) ‘Functional’ dimension which is process-centric dimension covering all business processes such as sales, purchase, production, logistics etc., (2) ‘Factoral’ dimension which is resource-centric dimension covering factors of production such as people, technologies, facilities, eco-system, management and capital, and (3) ‘Vectoral’ dimension which is performance-centric dimension covering vision, plan, execution and control. This vectoral dimension has two sub-components - namely, direction (vision and plan) and action (execution and control).

Neozen deploys professionals who are trained to handle complex assessments. They assess operational efficiency and resource adequacy of hundreds of processes and sub-processes that are broadly grouped under following categories.

  • Marketing Operations Management
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Research & Development
  • Production &Services Operation
  • Money & Wealth Management
  • Finance & Accounts Management
  • Organization Design & Structure
  • Organization Development

By offering ‘Enterprise Capability Assessment’ service, Neozen can help clients in having absolute clarity on its own strengths and weaknesses that may be hidden or open. Enterprise have to assess their own capabilities necessarily before they start implementing any major enterprise initiatives.